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2 Fireworks Shops in Worcester - The Firework Place St. Johns & Barbourne Road

If you want really good quality fireworks with more colour, and boom then visit The Firework Place in Worcester.

We sell quality family fireworks similar in power to the ones that you can get in your supermarket and also bigger fireworks (1.3g) which are up to 5 times more powerful.

We also do Nationwide Delivery (within 5 working days). Select your fireworks online then give us a call for a price!

Open all year round for all your special occasions. Come to our friendly shop and choose a selection. Watch a video first to make sure you get what you want.

Visit us in St. Johns Worcester. There is Free Parking in Sainsbury’s. Walk through the alley and we are on the right!!!


Compound Cakes from The Firework Place Worcester

Cosmic Compound Cakes : AWAKENING

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Awakening features dual fusing on all three fireworks in the pack. Combining outstanding effects with a mix of straight and fanned firing patterns, and with a duration of well over two minutes, Awakening is not one to be missed!
OUR PRICE £225.00
Bright Star Compound Cakes : BIG BOSS

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The Big Boss set is a 1.3G heavy weight linked cake. Each cake has a whopping 990gms of pyro powder meaning you simply wont see better more spectacular cakes costing you just £45.00 per cake. Green tail bursts with silver glitter willow Green tail bursts with green glitter willow Green tail bursts with golden glitter willow Green tail bursts with crysantemum willow
OUR PRICE £179.99
Galactic Compound Cakes : BLACK PEARL

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Aye aye captain The Black Pearl has set sail, this huge firework will shiver your timbers with excitment as you watch the multitude of effects that it has to offer, jump on board as it takes you on a pirates adventure of explosions and effects making you a feel like a real Jolly Roger. This premium high quality firework is also a ridiculous HALF PRICE!
OUR PRICE £139.99
Firework King Compound Cakes : BOOM BOOM BOOM

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Another great compound cake, with vivid colours whistles and bangs it has everything
OUR PRICE £110.00
Hallmark Compound Cakes : EXTRAVAGANZA

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1 minute of pyro pleasure, a fantastic finale
OUR PRICE £199.99
Black Cat Compound Cakes : FAST AND FURIOUS

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An impressive 210 shot Compound Cake that features strobing blue and white stars, giant brocade crowns, spider crackle, champagne fizz, screaming whistles, giant silver palms and coconut shell bursts, the closest you will get to a professional firework display.
OUR PRICE £125.00
Firework King Compound Cakes : GRAVESHAKER

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A brilliantly timed compound cake with multi effects
OUR PRICE £199.99
Absolute Compound Cakes : GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE

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New for 2017, this Compound Firework contains 2 x 100 Shot stunning finale fireworks, pre-fused to provide an amazing display in a box! Featuring dazzling red glitter & blue star lift mines to colossal super brocades with both dragon eggs and red strobes, simply awesome!
OUR PRICE £129.99
Absolute Compound Cakes : HIGH IMPACT

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Last year High Impact was a box of 6 dual fused category F2 fireworks. This year it has been pre-fused to make the ULTIMATE COMPOUND FIREWORK comprising of 244 shots and lasting approx. 4 minutes.
OUR PRICE £159.99
Zeus Compound Cakes : LEGEND

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Compound fireworks are usually 3 or 4 fireworks fused together generally to create a longer lasting display, however, with Legend, the three fireworks that make Legend up fire simultaneously. The result is probably the most impressive and intense display available, albeit quite quick.
OUR PRICE £149.99
Absolute Compound Cakes : NOISY NEIGHBOURS

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Noisy Neighbours is n fact made up of four fireworks, all pre-fused together so you only have to light one fuse to get this nearly 2 minute display. The first firework in Noisy Neighbour fires all its effects vertically, firework number 2 produces a fanned effect display, firework number 3 reverts back to vertical firing and for the finale firework number 4 produces a rapidly fired fan display.
OUR PRICE £139.99
Galactic Compound Cakes : POWERHOUSE (TWIN PACK)

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This fantastic 'Power House' Barrage Pack is a must-have for anyone looking to set the New Year off with a bang! It comes complete with 2 multi-shot barrage fireworks and is guaranteed to add fun and colour to the party! Ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and any Special Occasion. Includes: THE OBLITERATOR 60-SHOT FAN BARRAGE DEMOLITION MAN 105-SHOT FAN BARRAGE
OUR PRICE £119.99
Black Cat Compound Cakes : PYRO PANDEMONIUM

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A Fantastic display in a box, just light one fuse and the effects keep coming
OUR PRICE £119.99
Planet Compound Cakes : RETRIBUTION

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This 200 shot monster compound consists of 3 fireworks all fused together to create one huge cake with 2.5kg of powder and lasting 80 seconds. It starts with vertical firing shots of blue mines to red with silver glitter, z firing blue stars and gold brocades, green stars and green brocades. Volleys of the same fired in a V, a volley of titanium whistles, and then it just all gets a little crazy so you better just watch the video.
OUR PRICE £224.99
Firework King Compound Cakes : RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

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WOW, this fast firing compound cake is a must for any large display, a stunning 90 seconds
OUR PRICE £199.99
Galactic Compound Cakes : THE GODFATHER

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Im gonna give you an offer you cant refuse" The Godfather really does rule the empire, the boss of the barrages, this firework is an absolute monster in size, weight and performance. The biggest and best firework if you wish to light just one fuse, stand back and watch over 3 minutes of absolute mayhem!
OUR PRICE £239.99
Absolute Compound Cakes : ZOMBIE BATTLES

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New for 2018, featuring 3 x 50 Shot cakes with a mix of both straight and fan firing effects. This full flash compound really packs a punch and has the effects to go with it. With a full spectrum of colours, including blue, orange, red, green and silver glitter, Zombie Battles is so good it’s scary!
OUR PRICE £99.99

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